Secret Garden Tour

In mid June my sister and I went on a Secret Garden Tour in the town of Lake Forest Park in Washington State. The gardens were numbered on a map for a self guided tour. We chose to start with garden #5 and work our way down to #1 hoping to have the least crowds at each garden.






IMGP0367We were curious and making guesses as to what this little cottage at the end of the path might be. What a lovely surprise to look inside.


There was a little loft with a bed in it, too, that I didn’t get a photo of. It would be nice to retreat here for a quiet get-away. This next photo is the view of the main house from the little cottage.

IMGP0371 IMGP0372 IMGP0374


I caught Lana photographing the same thing I was through the looking glass. There were fun quirky things in a lot of the gardens we visited.

IMGP0381 IMGP0383

This was one of our favorite gardens out of the five. It was so surprising to find this lush setting coming around to the back of the home.

I’ll share more of the different types of gardens we strolled through over the course of the week.

Dear has done a lot more clearing out in this old house to get ready for the floors. All the carpeting is torn out of the family room now. This coming weekend he’ll install our new patio door. We’re loading up the living room with furniture from the family room and kitchen area so he can remove the vinyl flooring soon. My living room looks like a furniture store.  I’m going to look on the bright side. I will not need to vacuum or dust till all of this is over. We’ve moved from bright sunshine to dreary skies and rain. Hoping for some good weather on the weekend since the door will be removed. What’s new with you?

Cottage Lake Gardens

A lovely Woodland Garden in Woodinville, Washington was at the end of my camera lens on Saturday morning. The garden was open for 2 hours for a plant sale.

Susie Egan has a very impressive collection of Trillium. Trilliums are endangered wildflowers that appear in the woods in the Springtime. Their native habitats are shrinking and they are becoming more rare and hard to find. Cottage Lake Gardens currently has all 48 of the world’s species of trilliums! How amazing is that!? They are working toward establishing a National Trillium Collection. Trilliums are known for having 3 flower petals and three leaves and come in many colors including white, yellow, pink, red, brown and green.

Come along with me as I walk the garden paths and snap away at things that catch my eye.

Hope you enjoyed strolling through this lovely garden with me. I’m hoping to be able to attend one of the gardens Trillium tours next Spring!

We are enjoying a stretch of sunshine and dry skies. I’ve even had to get out early in the morning to water. I planted my two Trillium starts yesterday and they are so delicate. I do hope they survive and enjoy the spot I chose for them.

Yippee! Dear will be home at noon today. While he is unpacking I’ll be packing for my trip. Hope your week is going well.

Woodland Garden Mosaics…

I have time on my hands this weekend so I’m linking up with Mary at her Little Red House for Mosaic Monday. I’m sharing a few mosaics from a lovely woodland garden I was able to go to on Saturday morning. I will be sharing a full post with lots of photos from the garden later in the week. Click on the link above to visit Mary and other bloggers.

This garden is only open to the public a few days a year. Cottage Lake Gardens is known for the gardener’s large collection of Trillium. This past Saturday they had a 2 hour plant sale open to the public. I bought two plants and took 62 photos.

I hope to visit many mosaic posts today and see what’s going on around “Blogdom”.

Time to Pack it Up…

…this will be my last tulip field post for now. It’s time to pack and head south.

I’m always on the lookout for the odd one in the bunch…

I was so happy that I was prompted to stash my yard boots in the car before I headed to the fields because…

…here’s what I got to walk through to get to all the different colored rows of tulips!

Yes, I felt quite smug! I’ll admit it…

If you didn’t have boots on the Roozengaarde Garden was a good choice to see many beautiful varieties of tulips and to be able to buy bunches of tulips, too.

Packed fresh and ready to send to the stands to sell.

I managed to take the garden shots avoiding hundreds of people that were milling about. The later in the morning the worse it gets.

Tuesday will be my day to get everything organized at this old house for my absence. I will be packing the suitcases for a very early departure on Wednesday morning. Dear will be coming later in the week.

Mixing It Up!

Hope you aren’t tired of tulips! Today I’m sharing the variegated and mixed up tulips. We have had rain, rain and more rain this weekend. Finally on Sunday afternoon we got some blue skies and sunshine!

We had some fun news this weekend. Our nephew Caleb asked his sweetheart Marie to marry him. Looks like our family will be having another wedding celebration come August! Reasons to celebrate are the theme of this year!

A friend of Caleb and Marie was hiding out to take this photo and others of this fun moment.

Congratulations on your engagement Caleb and Marie!

Anything new in your neck of the woods?


Today I’m posting the photos I took of all the yellow tulips at the Roozengaarde fields at the Skagit Tulip Festival.

A quiet weekend is on schedule for us and time will tell what we get inspired to do around this old house. The weather has been quite drippy so I don’t think we’ll be outside much. It’s Saturday in Ellen’s kitchen over at MGCC today so you can click over and check that out. Blessings…

Tickled Pink…

On Tuesday I made a morning trip to the Tulip Festival in Skagit Valley right here in Washington State. The weather was right and my day was free so I hopped in the car and headed an hour north.  I’m starting my photo sharing with the pink tulips…

You don’t have to go to Holland to have a wonderful tulip field experience. There were rows and rows of pink, red, purple, yellow and some variegated varieties.

“The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is one of the destination events for the Pacific Northwest, held from April 1-30. Every spring hundreds of thousands of people come to enjoy the celebration of spring as millions of tulips burst into bloom. As with all things governed by Mother Nature, the tulips bloom according to their own schedule sometime during the festival. The tulips allow us to share our corner of the world and showcase Skagit Valley agriculture.”

Wednesday was a semi productive day around this old house. I cleaned out some mystery broth from the freezer and used up our frozen ham leftovers from Easter to make a big pot of Split Pea Soup. I bought rubarb for the first time from a farm stand in Skagit Valley after visiting the tulip fields and made a coffee cake. I’ll share the recipe on MGCC soon. Sounds like our 2 days of sunshine are coming to an end. How is your week going?